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If the heavy quantity of fleas irritates you continuously and you want to get rid of them then feel free to ask us for the specialist of Flea Control Rose Bay. We at Flea Control Rose Bay, do provide the best and experienced same day services. We have extensive knowledge of giving the best suitable pest control treatment at reasonable rates. Our work is always evident and commendable, you people can believe in us to hire knowledgeable pest technicians. Using organic solutions that give us surety of safe and acceptable services. We successfully get our goal which we have decided at the beginning of the task. All pest control solutions are reliable and able to be applied to the flea’s full place to control them and remove them completely. We would like to assist our clients thoroughly and provide you with exactly what you deserve to have since the time. 

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Some Major Flea Species

  • Cat Flea – Cat flea is the common flea species in New South Wales, Australia. Mostly it attacks dogs, rats, and other mammals. A cat flea is reddish-brown in colour and 1-2mm long.
  • Dog Flea – These fleas look similar to cat fleas. Dog fleas are less common to be seen. These fleas attack a broad range of mammals.
  • Human Flea – Human fleas are very rare compared to dog fleas & cat fleas due to more hygienic improvements in homes over the period times.

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If you are searching for pest control services in Rose Bay and nearby areas then you get us right now. We have been in this field for many years and continuously satisfying the people with back to back positive flea removal results. By using the latest technology of flea detection, Flea Control Rose Bay is able to provide the best pest inspection in the place. Inspecting the pest helps us to get the idea of a suitable and required method for it. The inspection method also tells us about the condition of the place and types of flea so we can apply the solutions according to the nature of that insect. Then, our technicians start their pest controlling procedure accordingly. To make anytime bookings, just dial our number 02 4058 2769.

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